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I Will Love Who I Love

This photo series was the product of a final project for a studio portrait photography class I took. The project was also featured in an art exhibit at Cal Poly's Original Women's Narratives. I assigned each individual a color of the rainbow and asked them to come prepared with a quote that described their relationship with their individual sexuality. Thank you to all of these incredible and brave participants. Much love to you all. Enjoy.

The following images are the product of my final project for Art 122 - Basic Digital Photography. I photographed intimate portraits of close friends and then asked them a thoughtful question to respond to. I had each person hand write their response which was then collaged with their photograph on the same page. I, personally, like to describe the series as a "moment in time," because all of the questions led to timely answers, especially when placed with a photograph from that very moment. Thank you for taking a look at my project. I hope you enjoy it!

A Moment in Time

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